Over the last 36 years Geoff Freedman has provided, via the Forestry Commission, a consultancy service to private forestry, local authorities and major land owners – indeed anyone who owns rural bridges. ‘Geoff Freedman Rural Bridges’ is the latest name for this service. Bridges in the countryside differ from large urban bridges in many ways.

  • Low Cost
  • Difficult Access
  • Realistic Loadings
  • Low Tech construction
  • Sustainability
  • Genius Loci
  • Environmental harmony

It is these demanding factors which require experience to ensure the design is appropriate. ‘Rural Bridges’ has that experience and many endorsements to back it up.

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‘Geoff Freedman Rural Bridges’ is a sole trader Consultancy owned by Geoff Freedman. I work as a sole trader in conjunction with dedicated Associates who carry out CAD drawings and design checks. As it is mandatory under the Construction Design and Management Regulations for a client to ensure that a competent consultant is retained to work on his behalf, above is a CV which can be verified by his Professional bodies and the many published papers by Geoff Freedman and his bridges- some available on the internet.