Geoff Freedman Rural Bridges is a Design Consultancy offering low cost bridge solutions for all countryside use and locations.


  • 11 years in Consultancy and Contracting
  • 36 years in the Forestry Commission
  • 10 years as Rural Bridges Consultant
  • Designed, supervised, assessed over 500 bridges
  • Many designs based on specific full scale testing and research


  • Range of off-the-shelf low cost footbridges – spans up to 20m
  • Proven low cost road bridges – spans to 20m
  • Patented aerial mast footbridge design – spans to 24m
  • Low cost steel truss footbridges – spans to 20m
  • Timber bridges – stress lamination – spans to 20m
  • Construction in remote rural locations
  • Sustainable structures with measured CO2 emissions
  • Assessment and Inspections of structures
  • Design of repairs and maintenance
  • Feasibility studies

Endorsements / Qualifications

  • 22 major awards
  • 3 Professional Fellowships
  • Chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist
  • PhD in Timber Engineering
  • 23 published papers on bridge research and construction


  • Bridge inspection
  • Bridge condition and load assessments
  • Bridge Design, tender, supervision and certification
  • Bridge design and build
  • Road networks design and build
  • Training courses on Forestry Bridges and Forest Roads